Uppsala is growing

Uppsala is growing and is one of Europe's most rapidly expanding regions. By 2050, we expect to have a population of 340,000. We are very optimistic about this development. It will mean many new opportunities. It will also mean many more journeys.

We aspire to be a model in the field of urban and rural development and our vision is for 75 percent of journeys in Uppsala to be made on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. In order to achieve this, road traffic must decrease. And to be able to continue to be mobile and have access to everything we need in our daily life, we need to complement the current public transport system with several robust, high-capacity solutions. A city for everyone shall also provide public transport for everyone.

Infrastructure creates new opportunities

In order to ensure growth that is not only dynamic but also sustainable, the City of Uppsala, Region Uppsala and the Swedish state have signed an agreement which makes it possible to develop new residential areas and business premises which are linked together with the rest of the city by means of an improved transport infrastructure.

The Swedish state's long-term financial support will enhance Uppsala's attractiveness as a place to both live and work in the region. People commute both to and from Uppsala and an efficient transport system enhances the opportunities to do this. Uppsala's expanding business sector will also be of great importance, even outside Greater Stockholm.

Journeys of the future

In the densely urbanised city of the future, innovation is paramount, for the sake of both citizens and the environment. We need to allow more space for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport. More room for inspiring adventure and meetings. Shops, cafés, green areas, workplaces and homes must all be accommodated.

In this new cityscape, the light railway will be seen as the obvious way to get around. And as a part of the sustainable mobility solutions that a vibrant Uppsala will provide. Infrastructure for the future.