Light rail decision-making and timetable

Not until 2021 will the final decision about the light railway or other alternative be made. The timetable is as follows:

Completion of studies to be used as a basis for the implementing decision in 2021. All the detailed plans to start during this period. The permit process begins.

Implementing decision. Decision to be taken on whether or not to build the light railway.

Work on more detailed plans and the start of construction work.

Ongoing work on the light railway and rail depot. Several stages to take place simultaneously.

Light railway due to be completed and brought into service. Inauguration of Bergsbrunna station. Completion of the two new inter-city rail tracks between Uppsala and Bergsbrunna.

The extension of the two inter-city rail tracks is complete including the stretch between Bergsbrunna and the county border to Stockholm.

Completion of 15 000 new homes and areas of business premises in Bergsbrunna.