Light rail decision-making and timetable

The timetable is as follows:


In-depth studies have been carried out to assess the feasibility of light rail for the proposed routes. The studies include general design, stop positions, traffic concepts, vehicle concepts, power supply and so on.


A consultation on the detailed plan for the tramway has been conducted. Comments have been received and the municipality has continued to work on updating the detailed plan for the next phase.

Decision on whether to build the light railway or not was made in December 2021. The decision is conditional on co-financing from the state.


The permit process begins. Uppsala kommun and Region Uppsala will together apply for government co-funding of the light railway project through the Environmental Agreement Act.

The process of the detail plan continue and the process for the detailed plan for the depo starts.

The plan - if light railway is to be built


Ongoing work on the light railway and rail depot. Several stages to take place simultaneously.


Light railway due to be completed and brought into service.


Completion of the two new inter-city rail tracks between Uppsala and Bergsbrunna.